Carton boxes, American boxes, binz


Corrugated cardboard trays in various standard formats used for all fruit and vegetables.
Print customized according to customer needs and the market.

In the following table all the dimensions of our packaging and a description of the example of use.

H Weight Commonly used
30×20 94 2kg clementines, cherries and grapes
125 2.5kg
138 3kg
H Weight Commonly used
30×40 85 3kg Apricots, citrus, cherries and grapes, peaches
118 4kg
137 5kg
16 6kg Citrus fruits, tomatoes, melons
18 8kg
22 10kg
H Weight Commonly used
30×50 85 5kg Peaches, citrus fruits and grapes, apples, apricots
14 6/7kg
156 8kg
H Weight Commonly used
60×40 85 5kg Grapes, peaches, tomatoes, cherries, apples
118 10/12kg Grapes, apricots, citrus fruits
14 10/13kg
16 15kg Citrus fruits, watermelons
18 18kg
208 20/25kg