About us

Present in the fruit and vegetable sector for over forty years this company founded as a sawmill to produce wooden crates , he has taken a leading manufacturer of packaging vegetables.

It branched out into all the Apulian territory with various centers of assembly and with an area of about 30,000 square meters of buildings and covered more than twenty assembly machines , Cartonlegno Group claims to be the second center of assembling cardboard trays for fruit and vegetables in Europe.

The company also in recent years has expanded its production with the marketing of all the components necessary for palletizing and decorations for fruit and vegetables.

What sets us apart

Logistics presence in the territory , responsiveness to the needs of the market , speed in production , customer service and after sales , continuous research of high quality of treated products , partnerships with the best companies in the country and internationally , are these the fundamental characteristics that contribute to the success of this company today.

Where are we

Cartonlegno Group is deployed in Apulia with two different locations . An operational headquarters are in Conversano , Bari.

The headquarters and administrative heart of the company is instead in Massafra in the province of Taranto.